What’s a Niche?

What’s a niche anyways?


Today, I want to talk about “niches”. When I first set out to make money online and change my lifestyle back in the summer of 2015, I discovered this word. Every time I would step out to learn about building a business or how to start a business, or just internet marketing all together, I ran into this word.


What’s with all this “niche” business?


I feel like it’s so overused….


It gets thrown around so much that…


A niche isn’t even a niche anymore.


According to www.vocabulary.com, in the 1600, a niche was defined as a “shallow recess in a wall”.


Today it means a varied of things:


-“a small concavity”

-“an enclosure that is set back or dented”

-“a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it”

-“the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its environment and community”


In business, a niche is very targeted and specialized product/service.


For example, I originally wanted to sell athletic wear when I was starting out. That was too broad! I’d have to drill it down. Eventually I settled on trying to sell Yoga pants. (Later, I’ll write more on why this idea never blossomed).




It’s extremely important that you first find a niche. And, you must do your research about that niche. Then you build your business around it. Your niche can be a product or service.


I want to warn you though, make sure you baby and help that niche grow. Don’t have too many niches at once, ESPECIALLY when you’re starting out. Take it from me, I had all these crazy ideas and for the first few months, I got nothing done. Nada.


You have to stay focused! If you’ve done your research then your niche will grow. You just have to work at it!


However, don’t fall in love with your niche. You may have done everything right, invested tons of money and time, but it may just never come to fruit. Don’t confuse this with what I mentioned before though. Staying focus on building your niche is not the same as keeping at it when it doesn’t turn a profit.


How to find a niche


I don’t know about you, but I had issues when coming up with a niche idea. I just went with all sorts of niches. I didn’t follow the main lesson being taught by all the gurus. So instead of just going with the first niche that comes to mind, find problems and solve them.


People are always looking for ways to solve their problems so all you have to do is find the problem and come up with the solution. It can be as easy as creating a product or service.


What do you have to say about niches? What are some of your techniques you use to come up with niche ideas? Leave a comment below.


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To All Our Success!

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