Case Study #1: Teespring

Why Teespring?

In December 2015, I decided to try making money with Teespring.  I first heard of Teespring by reading an article on Yahoo News about a Mother who made tons of money by simply selling t-shirts online. Now, this went against everything I’ve ever learned from an earlier course I bought on how to make a profitable business online. The guru in this course pretty much said that most of his students want to sell t-shirts online.  While it can make money, he didn’t recommend it. But, her story was inspirational. Most of all, she was able to stay home with her kids. I wanted that too. I looked over at my son sleeping next to me. He was probably 18 months at this time. It was a Sunday and I was already dreading the fact that I was going to have to go back to work the next day. It kills me when I have to drop him off at my parent’s in the morning. Luckily for me, my son stayed with his grandparents rather than daycare. But, I still wished I was the one spending time with him instead.

I created a Teespring account immediately, but I didn’t know where to start after that. I knew I had to have some designs or narrow it down to a niche, but I had no clue what I wanted to do so I left it at that.

First Design

One day my sister showed me some of her drawings. “I thought about putting these on a t-shirt and selling them, but I don’t know how,” she said. Aha! There’s my design. I’ll just figure out how to put it on Teespring and the money will start rolling in. After all, how hard can it be right? I dubbed this, “Experimento Uno.” For the life of me, I couldn’t get the drawing to look good on the shirt. From following all the gurus online, I knew I would have to find a freelancer since I had absolutely no idea how to make the picture great. I created a Fivver account and started looking for Teespring designers. I got a few to work on one design. A few days later, I was excited to receive the finished product. But, they weren’t what I expected. I  was too broad with what I wanted. I didn’t give clear guidance and so the designers didn’t quite know what to do with the drawings. I returned it for corrections a few times, but again, it wasn’t what I wanted. To be perfectly fear, I didn’t really even know what I wanted. So I left it a that.

Facebook Ads

A few days later, one of the gurus I was following gave a course on Facebook Ads. I had an awesome idea! How about I try to target he gamer girl niche. I’ll create a t-shirt for gamer girls and place Facebook Ads. This is sure to work! For sure! Before I was married and had my son, I did spend part of my time playing video games. So, with my new found knowledge I knew I couldn’t fail. I hoped on It’s a free service website that takes your chosen words and a picture you selected. I created a word cloud with all the new games in the form of a girl. I was so excited at my work and most of all, I did it without having to spend any money on Fivver.


I quickly put it up on Teespring and went onto Facebook to set up an ad. Now, before I go on, I didn’t completely finish the Facebook Ads lesson. I only had a vague idea of how to place Facebook Ads, but how hard can it be right? I was wrong. Like a total newbie, I selected a very generic term “gamer girl”.  I targeted 18-30 year old females in America. I limited my ad spend to $20 per day. I logged out and was excited about the tons of money I was going to make. Three days later…I had zero sales. ZERO. I couldn’t believe it. I thought, maybe, just maybe my ad wasn’t linking to my Teespring account. So, I followed the link and even purchased my own t-shirt. I worked! I checked Facebook and saw that there were tons of impressions, half of those resulted in clicks, but no buys. I even had one like. That was it.


I went on Teespring and did a quick search for gamer girl. Turns out, there were ton of campaigns…all resulted in no sales.

Lessons Learned

What was the lesson learned here?

  1. Know exactly what you want. You should already have an idea of how you want your design to look. Be specific and exact on details to help the designers.
  2. My Facebook ad was too broad. I could have narrowed it down a little bit more. Maybe I could have made a few sales.
  4. Perhaps my ad copy wasn’t enticing enough. I think I could have done better.
  5. But, ultimately, it didn’t matter, my design was flawed. It was a simple word cloud on the front of the t-shirt and nothing else.


So, I haven’t created another campaign on Teespring since then. I’ll have to wait until there’s a very profitable niche or at the very least, have an idea of how I want my design(s).

Leave a comment if you’ve had experience with Teespring. Did you make any money? And if so, how much?

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