5 Ways to find a niche


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5 Ways to Find Your Niche


Yesterday I talked about niches…today, I’ll give some quick and easy ways to find niches. Ready…set…go!


1) Find a solution to a problem.


2) Just jot down ideas that come to mind based off of problems you’ve had and solved.


3) Ask friends and families about problems that they’re having…this can generate lots of ideas.


4) What are you passionate about? You can turn this into a profitable business.


5) What’s currently hot in the market right now? But, don’t confuse a niche with a fad.


But remember, before you invest your time and money into building your niche business make sure you do research. Importantly, don’t fall deep in love with your deep to the point where you can’t let it go if it’s not working. Trust me, I had to eventually let go of my yoga pants idea. I wanted to much to turn it into something like Lululemon, but it just didn’t work.


When you know there’s an interest and demand for info in your niche make an agenda to grow your business. For example, start a blog and add an article (with great content) every few days. You don’t have to post a blog every day! Afterwards figure out how to monetize your blog.


Remember: the key to building a successful online business is to market market market. Now you know why I decided I needed to learn internet marketing.



Do you have something to tell me about niches? Share some of your niche finding techniques below! I’d love to hear from you.


And before you go, share this article with a friend won’t ya?


To Everyone’s Success!

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